Need suggestion about repeat texture loaded object


I have .glb file exported from blender.
but it did not display texture properly when imported in the scene.

So i have tried set material wrapS/wrapT to THREE.RepeatWrapping
(not sure im doing right :cry: )
after adjust some part looks fine but other parts still stretch.
like this

my texture setting in blender

and my demo link

thank you :slight_smile:

Blender’s “Coordinates: object” option does not exist in glTF or three.js – you’ll need to create a UV mapping for this object. Blender’s automatic “Smart UV Project” or “Cube Projection” might be enough. With UVs defined, I don’t think you’ll need to add any repeat settings on the material.

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Thank you so muchhhh <3
i was change to use UV mapping + follow active quads (from this)
now my texture looks cool now :smiley: