glTF model only loading half a model

I’m loading a glTF object into the draggable cubes sample, and am aiming to have it behave like the cubes, so is draggable. I’ve managed to secure all the movement/behaviours, but now only half of my chair is rendering. I’ve tried re-uploading the file and I’ve also tried all the suggestions on the three.js page but to no avail.

Any ideas?

Here’s a link to my code:

And a picture of my sad looking chair legs for reference:


var chair;

importedObject.scene.traverse( function ( object ) {
  chair = object;

you’re keeping only one object from the chair model, where it might consist of multiple meshes (e.g. one for each material). You’ll need to treat the entire contents as the “chair”, like chair = importedObject.scene;


Thank you so much!!!