Loading multiple gltf models

I am working on a little game it’s a hidden object game where we must find an object in a room before going to next room. (They are 5 rooms)

i first create the rooms separatly in blender and export them as gltf

the problem is sometimes threejs fail to load all the models and when i refresh the page it load all the models successfuly

Is it the good way to load multiple gltf ? or should i place all the rooms into a single gltf ?

Sorry for my bad english

Loading multiple glTF files is common enough; putting all rooms into a single glTF is fine too. It sounds like there is some issue in your application’s code, like a race condition that breaks depending on the order in which your models load. If you can share a simplified version of that code to reproduce the issue, we can probably help you to debug it.

There’s no special trick here, you call .load(...) for each model you need.