Glossiness Map Equivalent?


What’s the equivalent of glossiness map for Mesh Standard Material? This type of map is often included in texture sets: For instance, it’s a part of Poliigon default set:

As far as I’m concerned, a glossiness map is an inverted version of a roughness map. Although a roughness map is supported by Mesh Standard Material, it’s of different kind (green and brown).

MeshStandardMaterial uses only the green channel of a roughness map - it should work fine with a grayscale map, too, but this allows you to pack occlusion+roughness+metalness (RGB) into a single texture.


Should I invert a grayscale glossiness map to get a grayscale roughness map?

I think that’s all you need to do. Or even just set material.roughness = -1 maybe. :sweat_smile:

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