My texture mapped floor is too glossy


export function WoodFloorLight() {
  const textures = useTexture({
    map: '/textures/birch/birch.jpg',
    roughnessMap: '/textures/birch/birch-roughness.jpg',
    normalMap: '/textures/birch/birch-normal.jpg'

  // repeat = THREE.RepeatWrapping = THREE.RepeatWrapping, 2)

  return (
    <Box args={[floorX, wallZ, floorZ]} castShadow receiveShadow>
      <meshStandardMaterial {...textures} />

What is going on?

  1. Make sure to set metalness to 0.0
  2. How does the roughness texture look? It should be primarily black / dark grey.
  3. Try disabling the roughness map and see if color texture is loading properly.
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Screenshot 2024-03-30 at 5.20.07 PM

without roughness map looks like this

my roughness map looks like this
and color and normal map

My wild guess would be that ‘useTexture’ sets texture color space / encoding automatically to sRGB without telling you - which is useful for color textures but unwanted for data textures like roughness / normals / metalness - depending on your version of three try setting the color space or encoding back to linear for the roughness map:

roughnessMap.colorSpace = THREE.NoColorSpace;


roughnessMap.encoding = THREE.LinearEncoding;

(You can do the same for the normal map, but it most likely won’t have much meaningful effect in this specific case.)

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Doesn’t seem to work but have you ever experienced applying a normal map makes my floor all of a sudden not showing the received shadows?

I’ve downloaded

this and applied this new one but it behaves the same.

the package gives me the following and

Screenshot 2024-03-30 at 6.11.18 PM

I’m just stuck like this