Getting an error when load a model

The fbx model that I loaded looks abnormal,it’s lost her eyes.
And I open my chrome’s debug tools console,I found 4 error:

THREE.FBXLoader: The loader relies on THREE.NURBSCurve for any nurbs present in the model. Nurbs will show up as empty geometry.
the fbx file see the attachment.
2.fbx (1.2 MB)
and this is the skin picture,download and change name to “girl-body_DefaultMaterial_Diffuse.png”

How I fix the problem,thanks a lot.

Note:I just use the fbx example code to display.

I see the same glitch at Sketchfab:


I’m also not able to import your FBX file to Blender. Certain parts of the model are displaced. Seems like a modeling issue to me. What application are you using in order to create the asset? Consider to directly export to glTF if possible.

I use the “Maya 2017” to export to the fbx model.
And I found that the eyes maybe not lost,just not a correct position.
About glTF , It’s seams not able to export to glTF format when used maya 2017.

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Consider to convert your FBX file with the following tool to glTF. Maybe this solves the problem.