Get list of all children

Hi, I am trying to get a list off all children from my model like in the picture

Here is my JS fileapp.js (2.8 KB) .
Thanks for helping out.

When adding the loaded model to the scene, you can use the following code in order to traverse through the object hierarchy and push all descendants into an array:

const objects = [];

// in your onLoad() callback

model.traverse( ( child ) => {

    if ( child.isMesh ) objects.push( child );

} );

Change the if condition if you also want to add lines or point clouds.

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Hi When i add your code i get an error like this

Uncaught SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list

Ups, I had a typo in the arrow function. I’ve updated my post.

Is there a way to get only the 3D elements and toggle them on and off like a layer. Thanks for helping out. I’m a student so I new to this kind off stuff

What do you mean with lines or point clouds. Could you explain this to me.

You could have line or point cloud objects in your scene graph. If you want to collect all those objects, the code would look like so:

model.traverse( ( child ) {

    if ( child.isMesh || child.isPoints || child.isLine ) objects.push( child );

} );

ah oke thanks!.
Is there a way to dispays this array (children) in a dat.gui that can be toggled on and off.

Yes, but I don’t have to code for this ready. I guess you have to figure this out by yourself^^.