Is it possible to get a list of only parents?

Is it possible to get a list of only parents or do I have to traverse through model and get the children and then see their parents.

Have you tried using Object3D.traverseAncestors()? This method will execute a callback in all ancestor nodes. In the callback, you could each node to an array in order to produce your intended result.

No. Do you have an example?
Do you mean something like this in my onLoad callback

That should do it:

model.traverseAncestors( ( parent ) => {

	objects.push( parent );
} );

Since this method is using traverse(), it will traverse down the hierarchy now up. TBH, I’m a bit confused about what you are actually looking for…

When I try this javascript file , I get en ampty array. So That’s why i reverted to:

model.traverse ( ( x ) => {