Add Array elements in Gui as layer

Hi, I’m trying to get my children of model in dat.gui so I can enable / dissable them as a layer. This is my array

And here is my js file

How can I get the array in dat.gui
Thanks for helping out!

I’ve quickly ported the code from webgl_loader_mmd_pose to a smaller example based on your code.

As you can see, the idea is to maintain a controls object which represents the actual values of your GUI elements. For now, the values are true or false for all 3D objects in order to control their visibility. On interaction, a callback is executed which reads these values back to the actual 3D objects.

BTW: The model used in the example mostly has bones so you won’t see much of a difference if you toggle the checkboxes.

Ah thanks for helping out. So I can turn them on off and it’s kinda working but I want to group all per parent in dropdown folder. How can I do that Here is my Javascript code

This is how my dat.gui menu is looking. As you can see the model has diffrent levels and i want to group them by parent in dropdown folder