Gaze control hidden in WebXR. Right eye hides in WebXR polyfill

Using the stereo video example as a base. I am having a hard time trying to get the Gaze control displaying in WebXR on Android. My virtual controlbar added to a group which is then added to the scene dissapears also when it was displaying in previous versions. When not in WebXR both Gaze control and other objects are visible.

The Gaze control mesh displays for the ball shooter demo on Android, just not with video rendering.

There is an issue with the webxr polyfill for IOS, tested in Windows Firefox also. When going into the WebXR session, the right eye disappears. I get no connected event for the controller to attempt to add the gaze control. I need the gaze control, to configure intersections to select video control buttons most importantly in the polyfill on IOS.

It has taken a long time trying to get to this point where webxr fails in jsfiddle because lacking feature policies !

try the https url for Android to get WebXR working

and this shorter url for the polyfill test

Any ideas ? Something has changed in threejs breaking the polyfill display for video.