Gamma Correction differences when object is transparent

I have an application which uses OutlinePass when editing (requires the EffectsComposer) and uses the straight renderer when viewing (looks better with antialiasing). It currently uses the gammaOutput flag and I’ve been trying to convert over to sRGBEncoding per r112 requirements. I’ve had to add tricks to shaders so that they convert sRGB to Linear when the composer is used but here’s a noticeable issue that I haven’t figured out:
Transparent objects seem to brighten when using the composer with gamma correction applied. The normal renderer looks like it did before so there’s a clear difference. Would anyone know why transparent objects cause a difference with the gamma correction shader applied? Is there another setting that needs to be applied so that this will work?

using default renderer:

using composer:

Fiddle (If you set useComposer to true, you’ll notice that the box becomes much whiter than when it is false):

The issue is related to a problem in the library that is discussed here:

Hmm… I was guessing that you were referring to the outputEncoding issue that got merged in but seems like the issue is still present in r116. Were you referring to a different problem in the library (there do seem to be several problems mentioned)?

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Hi @Mugen87 (or anyone),

I think I saw something that helped. Setting the clearColor on the RenderPass seemed to help with the colors (after redoing the fiddle). However, a deeper problem that I have is actually concerning textures (used in 3DS models). It seems it has a similar problem (top is no postprocessing, bottom is using postprocessing):

You can see how the bottom is brighter for the texture and a lower opacity makes the issue more apparent. Do you have any thoughts on how to overcome this?