Gamma and contrast adjustment

I am implementing various effects these days.
When the effects are added, it becomes too bright.
I want to adjust the gamma, contrast, etc of the renderer as a whole.
Please tell me the easy and simple way.

Thank you for your kind reply.
Can you tell me how to adjust the gamma value?
When I made the effect, it seems that the gamma value is too large.

Three.js says “.gammaInput has been removed. Set the encoding for textures via Texture.encoding instead.”

I found the items below in the textures.
But there doesn’t seem to be an option to lower the gamma value.

.encoding : number

THREE.LinearEncoding is the default. See the texture constants page for details of other formats.

I found only this: Canonical gamma correction since r112
Maybe need to add code in the bottom of fragment shader of material.

Thank you for your kind reply. I tried adjusting the gamma, but it didn’t come out the color I wanted.
I plan to adjust the color over time.

Gamma was adjusted, but the result was not as good as expected.
I chose to adjust the vibrance and sataturation values.