Fully 3D website powered by Threejs and Tween.

Let me introduce our new fully 3D website. Link: https://www.barpan.ru
Main topics:

  • exterior is comfortable to move into web universe as part of global space,
  • interiror is separated by floors/menu “About company”, “Portfolio”, “New projects”
  • text/video screens are interactable to automated zoom.

All 3D models are created by Blender.
English version is coming soon.

Best regards,

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Thanks for sharing your work.

My general impression is like being inside a brutalist1 building.

The main menu can be clicked while being outside the structure (I could see the green frame of selected menu items). Do you plan to add real-time or baked shadows inside the structure? It might be good to fix transparency, because in some locations it interferes with the objects behind.


1 this is not bad, brutalist architecture is a distinctive style of using large rough concrete building blocks, without any decorations and fine-polishing.

Thanks for replay. I tried to use real time shadow by using SpotLight property castshadow = true, but in this case on mobile phone with Android or iOS, all objects are total disappeared (not rendered?). At this time I didn’t solve this issue. Obviously, mach better for performance means use backed shadow. Problem, you know, is in a shadow of dynamics objects in the scene. I’ll think about it.
Transparency is always the pain. I’ll try to fix this. Thanks.


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