Full time Jobs related question

I was wondering is there a better chance to get a job - lets says Full time related to Three.js or Unity?

Thank you.

Depends on the location (in western and central EU there is little-to-none web gaming companies, maybe US is different in that matter.)

For jobs overall, you may definitely be better off learning pure WebGL / OpenGL - since these are sometimes used in software projects that require heavy rendering optimization (web-based TV UIs, IoT, controllers etc.) ThreeJS would probably quickly become an annoying bottleneck for any company using it in a big project.

Nevertheless, having ThreeJS or WebGL in your resume next to the usual React / Angular proves you are curious, know a bit of 3D-math, probably done a few cool side projects - overall a major avantage when looking for a job.


I understand the question differently. It seems the OP wants to know if it’s easier to find a full time job as a three.js OR Unity developer.

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Yes or which has more chances/opportunities. But first reply was very resourceful and helpful too.

I enjoy both three.js and unity but im hoping to get a job in the 3d field…

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One argument against Unity: game companies are notorious for crunch work, where you’ll end up working rediculous hours under high stress for months. Personally, I would never consider working for a big game company for that reason.



I want to create interactive experiences for the user. Not big into making games.

Have a job making interactive experiences be a dream come true.

But I don’t see a lot of three.js jobs so not sure what to do…

I’ve checked one popular job site in Germany (monster.de) and I get ten times more Unity job ads than three.js ones.

What you are going to do depends a bit on your previous work and knowledge. If you want to have a web focus, it makes sense to have some knowledge in stuff like React or Angular so you are also able to build web application with no relation to 3D.

If you want a pure 3D focus, it might be useful to have some knowledge in other areas of computer graphics. Unity is always a good choice since it’s not only used for games. For example automotive companies in Germany develop VR visualization applications with Unity.

BTW: There are game developers outside there with proper working conditions^^. It’s really a matter of project management. Some do it better than others. I suggest if you apply to a company, you should always gather some background information about their work culture.


Thank you for finding that out!

I definitely want to focus on more 3D work, I’m actually a Frontend developer but I enjoy 3D graphics most.

I think what I’ll do is I’ll focus on three.js but learn WebGL and also learn Unity AR/VR so I’m not limited to just the web and can open more doors…

I’m happy with three.js and unity so getting a job for either one will be amazing!

Any other recommendations?

It’s good that you have many interests and have a certain amount of grasp of all of them, my advice though is that in the mid to long term you better focus on one of those, ideally where you feel biggest passion for & have already gained most experience with. Ask yourself what product do you want to deliver or help deliver. If you’re not sure yet, take your time and find it out as soon as possible. Remember that mastering any of those engines / libraries is a very time consuming process, trying to master them all will slow you down on the way to some kind of “expertise”, if that’s your goal.


Yeah I definitely agree, just desperate to get a 3D related job lol.

Because I’m a UX/UI Designer & Frontend developer is thinking to lean toward WebGL/Three.js

But… unity has more jobs.

I enjoy both… but job is needed because I’m not too happy with the typical Frontend work but 3D graphics and design yeah wow!!

In this case maybe try aiming for digital agencies instead of gaming first (I remember for ex. CanvasHeroes in Amsterdam were really keen on WebGL.) It’s much easier to land a job there, since they focus on creativity and use of 3D in art/PR related web projects - you won’t be required to know everything from the very beginning.

From my experience, gaming industry (at least the one worth aiming for, so no casinos or online 3d poker) tends to be crowded with developers who learned OpenGL and octree sorting algorithms before they even learned who to walk - so you’ll need a bit of experience to compete there.


I came across this discussion of Unity on HN:


I’m surprised to see that a lot of people who use Unity really dislike it. I always thought that it had a favored position in the industry.

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Absolutely agree. Smaller indy studios seem the better option in this field. At bigger companies you need to get a good position to not end up working on your burnout, except it’s a racing game.

I wouldn’t underestimate THREE or web 3D general at all, you can reach an audience much more easier than through the stores or with builds from unreal/unity. There is a large amount of people even prefering browser games over installing from app stores, requesting questionable permissions, simply as they can just jump into it without garbaging their phone (in theory, but cache is easier to clean and temporary)

With either online games or single player games with ads there is always a market.

But it is quite hard finding a company focusing on such, but that also depends on your region. Getting self employed is an option too but requires money/time to start with.

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Yeah seems quite painful… fulltime engineer spend some more time on updating lol.

I truly admire and love using three.js and was ready to learn WebGL as well but being in Canada… no jobs here for three.js.

Unity AR/VR I seen many!

I wish I could’ve gotten a three.js job then I wouldn’t be running in circles of wondering if I should go the unity route or not.

I live in Vietnam, there are no jobs for three.js here either but I still seem to get lots of work. You just have to be willing to accept remote work. If you feel the need for an office, you can use a co-working space.

Fair enough, I’m actually a freelance UX/UI Designer & Frontend developer so more fun remote work out be great!

I guess I wouldn’t give up on three.js yet lol. From these comments I feel maybe I’m just letting fears get to me.

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I think maybe getting a mentor for few months would be very beneficial. Can I post a job on this forum?

Do you use upwork?

Seems like jobs related to three.js or short contracts. Probably no permanent full time kind right?