Freelancer/Developer needed: Multi-Animation Viewer w/ Interactive List



Three.js Freelancer/Developer to Create:

An interactive online 3d viewer/player to display our large packs of 3d animation.

Including an interactive list of all animations, and transport controls Play/Stop/Next/Previous/etc. Play All in order or Loop a single. Our packs contain as few as 20 animations and as many as 400 animations.

We are fundamentally replacing what Sketchfab has been doing a mediocre job at, and we need to move away from. Three.js seems the perfect library/platform to create such a “basic” webGL viewer, from all professional advice we have gotten.

We only have one skeletal mesh character in an empty environment, and SF does have an animation list and transport controls; but the tiny list window is hard to read and deal with or navigate especially for large packs, it has no section headings, and the list is not always visible nor does it auto-update to show the current animation playing. It also scrambles the order of animations as uploaded. It is poorly designed for use as a true multi-animation comprehensive viewer for potential buyers to examine our products in more detail .

Please view this potential example video showing the functionality of what we are looking for, it is an old custom WIP using the Sketchfab API(it had random list order problems as well):
Actual final design is TBD.

One large pack current SF example:

And in context embedded under “3D Viewer”:

We will also likely need advice on hosting/server side code/etc. and all that it entails for actual deployment and streaming on the web, since migrating away from the Sketchfab turnkey solution.

Thanks for you interest,

Crispin Broadhurst
Technical Director/Animator


It is truly unspeakable and it is no less shameful how this remains without a single answer after 2 days - especially considering it’s like 2 weeks worth of work.
Ping me on, we’ll get you a 3D viewer these pretty zombie-mockup animations deserve.

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