Freelance required: To create a PoC

I need a Proof of concept, which is basically a scene with:

  • 3 avatars using same skeleton (rig), having NO ANIMATION embed just mesh with external texture. The avatar should comply with the OpenSim standard:

  • Pick 2 animations from here:

  • 2 small spheres, each bound to one of the 2 animations (from the bvh files above). Upon click, animate the 3 avatars with that animation DYNAMICALLY. (This involves, instantiating dynamically an animation clip and attaching it to the avatars and playing it. Removing any previous animation clip). I don’t want animations already embed into the avatars.

  • 1 bench with 1 sphere on top of it, upon clicked, any of the avatars should be animated dynamically too to sit on that bench (using one of the bvh sitting animations). Then the sphere should disappear giving space to a button for the avatar to stand again (returning avatar to its former position and showing the sphere again. Example:

If you have the skills get back to me at

Hi @Maria12 ,
How are you? I didn’t get your email it’s , please check to see if this is right.


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