Freelance - full time, 6 months, small games company - Core three.js + shaders


We’re a small gaming company with established cashflow looking to expand our development team.

It’s full time freelance position for 6 months initially doing three.js stuff and general game logic coding.

You should:

  • Be smart & confident in your coding ability
  • Have good written English
  • Have a good understanding of three.js
  • Confident in writing WebGPU shaders as needed

The first task will be setting up the rendering pipelines for a number of different mini games, making use of of open libraries like those below
GitHub - 0beqz/realism-effects: SSGI, Motion Blur, TRAA - Effects to enhance your three.js scene's realism
GitHub - N8python/n8ao: An efficient and visually pleasing implementation of SSAO with an emphasis on temporal stability and artist control.

  • writing your own shaders where needed

If you’re interested, please send an email to:
With subject: [JOB ENQUIRY -]

Briefly letting me know:

  • What you are best at, your main skills
  • What you’ve done, with examples
  • What you’ve been playing with and what you’re interested in doing going forward
  • When you could start
  • How many hours a week you’re available
  • Where you’re based
  • The times of day (London time) you are available for synchronous communication
  • The amount you want to be paid monthly to be fully committed for 6 months, initially
  • Ask any initial questions you have



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I’m excited about the opportunity to work on shaders with Three.js! With 5 years of experience in Three.js development, I’ve honed my skills in creating stunning visual effects and optimizing performance.

My approach combines creativity with technical expertise to achieve the desired visual effects efficiently. I have a strong understanding of GLSL shaders and how they integrate with Three.js, allowing me to craft custom shaders tailored to specific project requirements.

I’m eager to bring my expertise to your project and contribute to its success.

Best regards,

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