Seeking three.js / R3f talent

Hello I’m seeking three.js developer with 5+ years of experience.
My client wanna expand the project, so new webgl developer is needed.

If you are interested in please attach github profile.
And Describe your experience in shader glsl language.


I’m Maccesch, a Software Engineer with 15+ years experience in total, 8+ for Three.js/WebGL/GLSL. Unfortunately not many of my Three.js projects are publicly available but this is my github: maccesch (Marc-Stefan Cassola) · GitHub.

My biggest Three.js project was a cutting edge dental imaging app where I wrote lot’s of custom shaders and algorithms like volumetric rendering, 3D image slicing, mesh auto-alignment, …

Please see attached screenshot and CV.

I’d love to show you more in a video call.

CV-2023.pdf (3.3 MB)

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discord: 0xRondora#5919


I have worked on various ThreeJS/R3f projects, including 3D modeling, animation, and interactive experiences. My experience in developing and implementing ThreeJS/R3f projects, combined with my knowledge of GLSL, allows me to offer creative solutions to complex challenges.

I have a deep understanding of web technologies and best practices, and I am confident that I can provide you with high-quality work that meets your needs. My attention to detail, along with my ability to create visually stunning and engaging web applications, will ensure that your project is a success.

In addition to my technical skills, I have a passion for learning and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in ThreeJS/R3f and GLSL technologies. I am confident that my knowledge and skills will help me deliver a project that meets your expectations.

Latest Threejs / React-Three-Fiber Project:
Contact:, Telegram: Contact @devofficer
Github: devofficer (Code Chef) · GitHub

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

I have pretty much experiences in threejs , react three fiber , webgl for over 8 years experiences in 3d development field
I m interested and can help you perfectly

I would like to discuss more details

thank you

I have 6+ years experiences about three.js and R3f. For 6+ years, I made many website using three.js and react three fiber. My main skill is R3f event ( GLSL, shader, mousedrag event, light effect, modeling, mapping, loading 3D file etc). I can show my good working website.
I’ll satisfy all your requirement according your client and guarantee good quality.
Good regards.

Hi Cory,

I have created a couple of sites, and also have numerous examples of using three.js and R3F on my codesandbox profile.

Here are some of the skills I have in the 3D space:

  • blender + scripting in python

  • postprocessing

  • shaders

  • CMS’s

  • React

  • Three.js / R3F

  • particle systems

  • scene creation in blender + renders

  • Architectural style modelling

  • Low poly

  • good novel approach problem solver

  • Played around with growth patterns in houdini

Here’s my CV/ codesandbox profile with experiments:


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