Freelance developer at Dumaco (NL)


We are looking for a freelance developer to join our project. We are developing an online quoting solution for our company and would like to visualize some CAD geometry in a VueJS (Nuxt) application. Triangulation data will be provided by our API so focus will be mainly to develop a CAD viewer component.

Please contact me for more information ***

About us:
The Dumaco Group is the result of a buy-and-build strategy in the metal industry and was formed in 2017 with the merger of three Dutch metal companies. Strong focus on innovative technology and good entrepreneurship has led to strong organic growth.

Today, the Dumaco Group is known as a leading specialist in the field of metalworking, (steel) constructions and machine building. The company has a versatile, modern and well-maintained machine park that offers wide and diverse production possibilities.

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