Framebuffer is incomplete

How to prevent problem: framebuffer is incomplete? When change revision from 124 to 133 i become get these warnings with situation when my scene become very bright. Before I changed the revision i got only warnings or I lost the webgl context

I’m afraid you have to provide more information so it’s possible to investigate the issue. Consider to share a live example that demonstrates the issue.

When migrating, such big steps can be problematic. Upgrading one releases at a time, checking for errors and potentially performing migration tasks is preferable. It also makes it possible to identify the exact release which introduces the warning.

3D интерфейс жилищного комплекса | Site3D - my project with old revision

And second image - broken result with new revision when i load floor interior (at the begining stage of scene using is all right)

The idea is to share a live example that demonstrates the issue. A screenshot alone is not helpful.

Besides, nobody can debug your code if the sources are minified.

I can’t show all client’s code, but maybe you have any idea, what could happen. And why all scene can be more bright after model loading?