Form a circular cylinder by elements

I had tried many ways to use elements/objects to create a cylinder with top and bottom.
The result always shows the elements do not display on the circle surface area.

When using THREE.Cylindrical you effectively work with cylindrical coordinates which can’t be used to compute points for the cylinder’s caps.

I suggest you study how CylinderGeometry generates its caps and use a similar approach for your app.

Hi Mugen,

Thank you for replying to my question yesterday.
Actually, I also had used CylinderGeometry but I was struggling with the object position x, y, z


Is there any simple way to solve the issue?
As a beginner, I not familiar with threejs, and feel confused about adjust object.position to form any geometry or table.

Are you looking for something like this?

Thanks, prisoner, the objects have the perfect position to form a cylinder in every row,
I looking for periodic table objects that will fill up the circle areas, there are no holes at the top and bottom.

Any reference or explanatory picture of how it has to look like?

I don’t have the picture, thanks for the help :grinning: