Flying through clouds

I wanted to create an effect like this:

How to get started with this - do I need to create the clouds in Blender? If not then which other method is the best approach?

Basically using the mouse to move the camera right?

If you look into the source code, you will see that the clouds are based on an image.

var texture = THREE.ImageUtils.loadTexture( 'cloud10.png', null, animate )

There are some more techniques. With shader, filter, gradient … something more advanced.

Maybe you’ll have a look at some examples from the
Collection of examples from ?


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Sorry, I noticed after that I can use a cloud.png like img. Isn’t that going to cause a lot of stress on the browser? How to make in a less browser demanding way?

Using billboards clearly isn’t expensive, using volumetric clouds though (raymarched) can be very expensive without a lot optimizations. Raymarched can look most realistic especially with their dynamic lighting nature

But mrdoobs example looks excellent and realistic too, A good texture and smooth blending can be enough already, you just might notice the billboards when rotating the camera.

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I guess you need that:

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