Can Threejs achieve cloud rendering?

This big scene experience is particularly good
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There is no similar effect in the repository but maybe you can start with:

Godot 3.1 simple shader for Sky and Reflection - YouTube GitHub - danilw/godot-utils-and-other: random code that I made/use for godot
GitHub - kylebakerio/a-super-sky: fancy, lightweight, drop-in day-night sky component for A-Frame
Sketchbook 0.4
GitHub - jeromeetienne/threex.noiseshadermaterial: provides a THREE.ShaderMaterial preconfigured to display 3d noise.
New Composed Shader -
Three.js dynamic sky rendering
Shader - Shadertoy BETA
Shader - Shadertoy BETA
Shader - Shadertoy BETA
Shader - Shadertoy BETA
Simple cloud -
Shader - Shadertoy BETA
Shader - Shadertoy BETA
Shader - Shadertoy BETA
CS 184 Spring 2018 Final Report
Shader - Shadertoy BETA
Error - Shadertoy BETA
GLSL Sandbox

that would be too heavy, i suggest u use alpha maps multi layered instead of actual cloud,

Examples of adaptation from shadertoy to three.js .

from the Collection of examples from

Little Shader Book

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