Fly By - A Flying Experience

My latest experiment - create a flying experience with endless terrain…

Check it out!


SOOO COOL… I played for five minutes… very well done

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Add some challenges plus rewards, increase the difficulty gradually, and you’ve got yourself an indie game.

I wonder how much you can grow the view distance before impacting performances, it also definitely needs some sound effects.

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It has a music button @Fennec, but yes, sound effects when the bird flaps its wing would be subtle but cool

Awesome to hear - thanks Jackson!

Users will either see more or less terrain based on their GPU capabilities (detect-gpu). Performance has been the most significant hold-up in building this. It has been a massive learning curve!

Good idea regarding sound effects - I’ll look into it.

Thanks for playing :slight_smile:

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I’m curious how you created the terrain? was it procedural… did you custom make a shadow map and instance it randomly as the player passed the border?
@jessehhydee I’m very impressed and I’m excited to see what comes of your project…

Congrats, that’s a really good work :slight_smile:

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Yup - terrain is procedurally generated. The project is using Simplex noise for the randomness.

There are always nine tiles in memory; A 3x3 grid and the bird is always positioned above the center tile. When the bird flies over another tile, three new tiles are generated ahead of it, and three tiles are cleaned up behind it.

Every page load, a random seed is generated by simplex-noise. When creating each hexagon, I pass noise2D(x, y) (provided by simplex-noise) the hexagons coords. The height of each hexagon is based on the return value of this method. The return value is generated with the starting seed, meaning as you fly through the terrain, you never see where one tile ends and another begins.


Wow this is so cool, flying games has been my favorite games like ace combat and gta, this project is a relaxing flying game,

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Nicely done!
I like that it works equally well with mouse and keyboard controls (I generally invert the Y, but that is not a big deal.).
If you want to remove the pointer, that is easily done. But I can also see why you might want it visible.
Simple sounds like the wind, or forest sounds that fade in and out as you pass over them might be an interesting addition.

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Thanks Phil! Good idea with with the additional sounds. I might implement that. Cheers.