Flickering of MeshLambertMaterial when using THREE.DoubleSide atribute

Hello, I am loading this model of plant. kvitko.dae (1016.0 KB) Since some faces are facing wrong direction I have hoped that I could use THREE.DoubleSide to fix this problem. Sadly upon applying THREE.DoubleSide to material, faces facing wrong direction started flickering(with black color). To me it seems that renderer is confused if front side or back side should rendered on faces facing wrong direction. Unfortunately I did not found any solution.

HemisphereLight was used for my tests.

When applied THREE.DoubleSide:

When applied THREE.FrontSide:

When applied THREE.BackSide:

Thanks for any help or hint how to sove this issue.

Your model is very messed up. Faces are doubled exactly over each other and also in wrong order on half of it, asides it shows me 959 triangles and 480! meshes, that’ll be a whopping 480 draw calls for a lowpoly looking bush.

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Thanks for response. I agree model is pretty messed up but unfortunately teigha converter couldnt convert better model from dwg. For reducing draw calls I am merging geometries. Dont u know some method how to remove duplicit faces?