Fighting against GroundedSkybox

Why can’t I find a size and scale that makes the skybox realistic, without distortion?
i Try diferent sizes for ground and radius, pehaps need specific panorama image ?

console enabled, get mesh info onclick, SKY = current skybox

GroundedSkybox is more suited for open-spaces or large structures (stadiums, factories, amphitheaters…) where the scale is large and the walls/limits are faraway. In your case it’s a small room, so the curves are more noticeable.

You’ll probably need to build your own custom skybox, with a custom boxGeometry and the material.side set to THREE.BackSide plus the environment map set as a texture.

Found this fun blender tutorial, on “How to Turn HDRi to 3D ENVIRONMENT”, it should give you a solid advantage in your fight.