Scaling skybox(Scene.background)

I tried setting a CubeTexture to scene’s background and it looked like this.

But As you can see it gets scaled so big that the image is magnified too much. I want to scale it down a little bit but I can’t find any handle that I can adjust. How can I adjust the scale of the skybox?

Some contexts:

  • I use unusual camera setting. low FOV(15) and high near(100) and far(100000) which is almost like an orthographic projection.
  • The CubeTexture is HDR(RGBE) format.

Side question: Where should I post questions? StackOverflow or Discourse?


says the scaling is correct. you just dont have enough data in your cube texture to show at that scale.

Imagine having 4K map of the Earth and then zooming onto some city - it would still be just a few pixels across.

you can make it a literal box. with normals flipped inward (or back side mode set on the material). then you can scale this box as much as you want, but since it will not be centered at the camera - there will be distortions (so maybe use a sphere instead)

You are suggesting widening FOV or making my own skybox. The former is not an option for me and the latter I want to avoid. Do you mean I can’t scale the default skybox(scene.background)?

there are many ways to skin the cat ) you could have two cameras, one with large fov for the background box, and one with 15° for the model.

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