FBXLoader in webxr AR

Can anyone help with the issue?

FBXLoader is not working with webxr / Ar / hittest , I’m running the current example but simply replacing the cylinder mesh with an object loaded with FBXLoader, and I’m receiving the following WebGL warnings:

  • three.module.js:16000 THREE.WebGLRenderer: EXT_frag_depth extension not supported. three.module.js:16000
  • THREE.WebGLRenderer: WEBGL_draw_buffers extension not supported. three.module.js:16000
  • three.module.js:16000 THREE.WebGLRenderer: EXT_shader_texture_lod extension not supported. three.module.js:16000
  • WebGL: INVALID_ENUM: bufferData: invalid usage three.module.js:14449
  • [.WebGL-0xcbb07700]GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_OPERATION : glDrawArrays: attempt to access out of range vertices in attribute 0

Hey @Armin, welcome to the site.

You have not provided enough details here for us to help you. Please read through this post on how to create questions on this site and then update your post with more details:


In particular, you need to always include sample code that demonstrates your issue. We usually cannot help you without that.


Hi Lewy
Thanks for the response, it was my mistake, I was using the older version of FBXLoader.
I could not figure out a way for the AR to work with Codepen or Jsfiddle so I created a working scene for reference with Glitch, please see the following:
Live APP
See Code
But two other questions raised:

  • Is it possible to detect touching objects in the AR scene?
  • After closing the session, the 3d object shows inside body, is that normal?

Please let me know, thank you

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Great, thanks for the links. You will need to create a new post (or two) for your other questions. We don’t allow multiple questions in a single post here.

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i have a problem with WebGL: INVALID_ENUM: bufferData: invalid usage
do you had solved this problem?