FBXLoader: ERROR MESSAGE: UVNode.UV is undefined

hi everyone,

i m working on a web project in witch i have to load FBX files to view them on the browser but i have this error while loading my fbx file.

ExportedCustomProperty.fbx (78.2 KB)

ERROR MESSAGE: UVNode.UV is undefined

can any one help?

I saw the error with your original when I also tried.
So I then imported it into blender2.8, then re-exported as a new fbx and it works for me now.
test2.fbx (127.2 KB)

What program is your FBX file exported from? There’s loads of FBX exporters and some of them are pretty buggy.

@looeee my fbx file is exported from UNITY!

these two files dnt work too! can you pleaase try them like u did for the first one?
fbx 6.0.fbx (120.3 KB)
fbx6.0 binary.fbx (120.1 KB)

no luck,
blender gives an error for both files
‘Version 6100 unsupported, must be 7100 or later’

Yeah, I don’t think we support this old version in three.js either. Sorry about that.

You can try converting them to glTF using FBX2glTF.

ah :frowning:
okay thanx :smiley:

okay thanx , i’ll try it :smiley:

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