FBXLoader() can't load the texture of fbx model that exported from ipi moCap Studio

I’m trying to load a .fbx model which is exported from ipi moCap studio along with the animation. I can see the animation in windows 3D viewer. But when I try to load it in my project, it gives me the following error

Here is the model I’m trying to load
general-3.fbx (1.9 MB)

Please, let me know if solved this kinda issue earlier. Take care

Um, this could be indeed an issue in the loader. I can reproduce the same runtime error on my Windows machine.

However, rendering the FBX in Windows 3D Viewer seems not correct either. The animation looks broken/distorted.

Can you export the asset from iPi Motion Capture into a different 3D format? For example glTF? That should be your preferred standard with three.js.

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Hi, Michael! Thanks for your prompt response. You’re right, the animation seems broken in Windows 3D Viewer but this is the only platform that loads my exported asset.

ipi moCap studio doesn’t allow me to export in different 3D formats, do you have any useful resources or tutorials on converting fbx model into gltf. I have found one from facebookincubator called fbx2gltf, but I’m really struggling to install it.

Please let me know if you got any idea about this :heart: from Dhaka, Bangladesh