FBX model with circlers around joints

I load the fbx model in the scene, but I m seeing some circles around joints, I m using the code below to import the file and play the animation.

const loader = new FBXLoader();
loader.load('./assets/models/lollipop.fbx', function (object) {

  mixer = new THREE.AnimationMixer(object);
  clips = object.animations;
  clips.forEach(function (clip) {
  }, undefined, function (e) {



  object.traverse(function (child) {

    if (child.isMesh) {

      child.castShadow = true;
      child.receiveShadow = true;


  object.scale.set(0.02, 0.02, 0.02);
  object.position.set(0, -0.4, 0);
  const lollipopAnchor = mindarThree.addAnchor(2);
  stats = new Stats();

function animate() {


  const delta = clock.getDelta();

  if (mixer) mixer.update(delta);

  renderer.render(scene, camera);



Do you mind sharing the FBX asset in this topic?

lollipop.fbx (3.7 MB)
Sure !
Thank you Mugen87

Also want to mention That I tested using this tool and it looks fine Three.js Model Viewer (adjam93.github.io)

@Mugen87 any help/suggestion would be appreciated

I have tested your FBX asset in the three.js editor and it looks like so:

The circles you are seeing are instances of THREE.Line. They are produced by FBXLoader because your FBX asset contains NURBS curve definitions. Since the asset contains a skeleton, I assume the circles are some sort of visual helpers. You can fix this issue in two ways:

  • Reexport the FBX asset but without any NURBS curves.
  • You can set the visible property of the root line object to false. It should be:
const root = object.getObjectByName( 'all' );
root.visible = false;
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Thank you very much @Mugen87 :pray:
both solutions fixed the issue !