Can't add animation fbx to a 3d model fbx character

I have downloaded a character and an animation without skin from mixamo. I have tried it below but the 3d model only stands in Tmodel and not moving at all. I didn’t see any errors. Could you help me what I should do to have this character move?

            const guardloader = new FBXLoader();
            guardloader.load('models/fbx/guard/dreyar_m_aure.fbx', function (fbx) {
                fbx.traverse(c => {
                    c.castShadow = true;
                fbx.position.set(-0.8, 0, 0);
                fbx.rotation.y = 15;

                skeleton = new THREE.SkeletonHelper(fbx);
                skeleton.visible = false;

                let animation = new FBXLoader();
                animation.load('models/fbx/guard/animations/Punching.fbx', (anim) => {
                    const guardMixer = new THREE.AnimationMixer(fbx);
                    const guardWalkAction = guardMixer.clipAction(anim.animations[0]);