FBX loader : Multiple Component in single fbx loader

How can we manage different texture to each component in fbx file .
Suppose we have a FBX file and in fbx file there are several component and we want different texture to each file.

You should traverse that object and change the material map of preferred meshes via TextureLoader.

You can log your object and check your meshes along other things.

Something like this:
I don’t really have your example code so.

const loader = new FBXLoader();
			loader.load( 'models/fbx/Samba Dancing.fbx', function ( object ) {

				mixer = new THREE.AnimationMixer( object );

				const action = mixer.clipAction( object.animations[ 0 ] );

				object.traverse( function ( child ) {

					if ( child.isMesh ) {

						child.castShadow = true;
						child.receiveShadow = true;
						child.material.map = new THREE.TextureLoader().load('./models/gltf/BotSkinned/glTF-MaterialsUnlit/AvatarBotA_Tex_Combined.png');
						child.receiveShadow = true;

				} );

				scene.add( object );

			} );

I suggest you to move on to gltf models by the way.