Some of the FBX materials aren't getting mapped

I’m trying to load this fbx to three-js using FBXLoader but some of the textures doesn’t get loaded.

Looks like they are not mapped to any material but when opening the original model on windows Mixed Reality Viewer I can see the model like the 3D artist intended:


This is how the item looks in real life:


The only image I can see on the network tab is t_TCIN_diffuse.png witch is mapped to map material but the other 3 doesn’t get any request.

Here is the same asset on sketchfab witch is also mapping all of the textures to the materials.

Thank you.

I’ve just tested this on my loader and the textures are displaying correctly, so it must be a problem with your code.


How are you loading the model? Are the texture files in the same folder as the FBX file?

Thank you for your help.

As you can see, on my viewer the only image that get’s loaded is this one:
I also have the other textures here:

And you cannot see any 404 response status.

Is there any difference between loading the fbx locally and serving it from a CDN?

Is there any difference between loading the fbx locally and serving it from a CDN?

The FBXLoader expects that the textures are in the same directory as the FBX file.

To get around this limitation, you can use LoadingManager.setURLModifier.

This is the location of my fbx file:
Witch is the same location as all of the other textures, including the one that does get’s loaded.

Well, unfortunately I can’t really help you further without seeing your code. Can you create a simple live example that demonstrates the problem? is the easiest when you need to include and load files.

Thank you but my excessive scene lights was burning the model.

Now it looks good but still can’t see the other textures loading.

Probably not mapped to nothing or something like that :roll_eyes:

anyway my bad, thanks!

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