FBX deformed on load

Hi, I’m trying to load an FBX and put the material.map as a texture from another scene, I was doing this with .obj and everything was fine, but when I try to do the same with .fbx sometimes goes wrong and I don’t know why.
The FBX is deformed like this:

It replaces one object from the FBX and makes a plane.

I’m just giving to every child of the FBX a new PhongMaterial with the map as a texture of the scene, and loading a bump map.
And I move every child to center the scene to 0,0,0.

I know the pillows are not in the place that have to be, I don’t care about the place of the pillows, I want to solve the plane problem.

If you load the model without modifying materials or recentering, do you still have this problem? And, does the model appear correctly in FBX Review or another tool?

If so, I’d recommend filing a bug and including the model as an attachment if possible.

If not, you may need to share a demo or some code for us to help.

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When I load the model in three.js it works fine, but I don’t know what collide with the fbx load to do this.
If I just load the model without materials it does the same, the problem can be that is running more things simultaneously?

@Arnau_Marquez please share your code and the model. Without these we won’t be able to help you.