FBX, DAE and SMD extension files

Hi, I’m new to Three.js and the 3D environment and I’m doing some testing and I came across the following problem.
I downloaded a ready-to-use model on the internet and in it came several FBX, DAE and SMD extension files.
Searching the Internet I was able to load the model in DAE with ColladaLoader, but when I try to load FBX through FBXLoader nothing shows on the screen.
Well, I wanted to know how to work with these three extensions, because I believe that knowing how to use the three of them I would have a model, texture and animation.

Can you please share the mentioned FBX file in this topic? BTW: There is not loader for SMD files in three.js.

Just a little note: Collada, FBX and SMD are so called 3D formats. You normally don’t use the word extension in order to denote these standards.

Please have a look at the following guide. The recommended format of the project is glTF. It supports all features you have mentioned in your post.

bulbasaur.FBX (1.5 MB)

Thanks for the tips and I’m going to follow your advices and study about glTF.

Your FBX is a binary file in version 6100. Only version 6400 or higher in binary format is supported by FBXLoader.

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Conversion with https://github.com/facebookincubator/FBX2glTF is working correctly, but I assume there should be some textures in external files with that FBX?

Yes, along with the FBX there is a folder called “images” with 17 PNG files, probably them being the diffuse map, bump map and normal map from the different parts of the model.