Three.js collada loader with transparent glass texture

I purchased a 3d model (glass bottle) and am exporting it from blender to a dae file to use in three.js. When I attempt to load this resource into my three.js project using the dae loader example, my glass texture is rendered opaque. When I import the dae back into blender, the glass is also rendered opaque. I assume this means the glass is not being exported correctly. Has anyone else had a similar issue? I’ve tried many different options when exporting from blender and run into the same problem every time.

Does it work if you export your model to FBX and then use the FBXLoader in order to load the file into your 3D scene?

I have attempted to use FBX but now am running into an issue with the FBX version that blender is exporting (FBX 6.1 ASCII) and the FBX version supported by three.js. My dev console is warning that FBX version below 7 is not supported.

With Blender you can export a FBX 7.4 binary file, too.

You can try to load it with the new FBXLoader from the dev branch:

Thanks for the additional loader. In the meantime I was working experimenting with the obj/mtl loader and actually got a little closer to seeing the desired model in three.js. Now, instead of opaque glass, the glass is completely missing (other normally opaque materials of the model remain visible). I had read on stackoverflow that there were issues with separate alpha maps in three js (, and should embed the alpha as a separate channel in the diffuse map.

I’d be happy to provide the obj/mtl and texture files if anyone would like to take a peak at what’s going on. Thanks for all of the assistance, I truly appreciate it.