ColladaLoader: Could not find joint

I’m using ColladaLoader. It can successfully load a dae file I found on sketchfab, but when I give it one that I know to be working and can view in blender, it gives me this error for every bone in the model: " ColladaLoader: Could not find joint ‘nw4f_root’ " (of course, it uses a different bone name each time). Any help?

Can you please share the DAE in this topic?

I’m sorry, I can’t. You see, I’m a Breath of the Wild modder, and I’m making a tool with threejs for that. The model I was testing with is from the game, and would be illegal to share. What I can at least say is that when I export said dae from the game’s model format, it doesn’t run into any of these errors when it’s getting displayed. But when I import it into blender, (which works fine), and, without changing anything at all, export it from blender as a dae again, threejs fails to load it. So in other words, it has to do with blender’s export in some way.

Is there a reason for working with Collada? glTF is actually the better choice. And the latest Blender version do have the ability to import and export glTF.

Yes there is unfortunately. The standard format that people tend to use for BotW modding is dae. Sorry for getting back to you late.

I’ll write you a PM.

To anyone looking at this forum later, the issue was that I was using an old version of ColladaLoader that was on npm. I switched over to ES6 to fix the problem.

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