Fading two materials that overlap via tween

Hey guys,

I am currently fading two materials on the same object via a tween. One material is the players mesh and the other is glasses that the player is wearing.

Even though both materials are using the same timing and target opacity. It seems like the glasses become super visible as the player mesh fades out.

I have attempted to change the glasses side, clip intersection and was messing around with depth test and some min/mag filtering but can’t seem to get it where everything fades on/off smoothly.

If I slow the tween down a lot, then it behaves as I am expecting it too. It is almost like the tween is so fast it seems like we end up with floating glasses. The tween needs to be quick and this seems like a rendering issue. Was wondering if there was maybe something I was overlooking or something else I can adjust on the material level to make sure this doesn’t happen?


Thank you!