Expected speed withThree JS

Hello, I’ve recently seen this project that I believe uses three.js (https://hape.io) and its really cool, I’ve thought about starting to learn three.js as it would something unique that I could add to my projects but I’m concerned about loading times, this site seems fairly simple and yet it takes a long time to load and when I test on integrated graphics (Intel HD 4600) my fans spin and usage goes to 100%

I would like my websites to be fairly accessible to all people, not just those with a dedicated GPU. However I’ve found other projects that also have great detail in the textures (https://dogstudio.co) that are very easy for me to load. Is this just a problem with the optimisation of hape.io or should I wait for webGPU is standard for better performance before learning three JS.


No need to wait. The difference between the loading times of both apps depends on the amount of transfers data. https://hape.io has a total download size of approx. 40 MB whereas https://dogstudio.co of approx. 8 MB. That is of course a huge difference especially on mobile devices.

Lots of factors influence the loading speed and performance of a web application, and understanding how to make those decisions takes some experience and benchmarking. Learning to measure things like network request size, draw calls, and frame render times would probably be the first steps.

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What browsers / OS?

This sounds like you are using Windows, not macOS, but in the past few days (weeks) there’s been one (maybe two) bad perfomance regressions: Horrible Safari Performance - #2 by Mike_D