Expanding a plane's geometry but maintaining relative UV mapping?

I have a flat surface plane geometry with UVs. The textures are all wrapped.
I need to expand/contract the plane’s positional geometry without squashing/stretching mapped textures, maintaining essentially the proportions from the user’s perspective.

Ideally I want a solution that can be applied not just for a single plane but for any geometry, updating all UVs relatively from a positional transformation.

Is there a utility that can do this that someone can kindly share?

yes, you can use Texture.wrapS and Texture.wrapT to set the repeat of the materials texture, whereby if your plane is originally 10 units and you scale it by say 1.1 on the X axis then you’d set your Texture.wrapT to 1.1. WrapT and WrapS should be proportinal to the scaling on either the X or Y axis respectively…