Problem with uvs on the plane

Hello; i have scene with streching plane that has texture,
here is resize function

resize() {
 this.width = this.container.offsetWidth;
 this.height = this.container.offsetHeight;

 this.renderer.setSize(this.width, this.height); = this.width / this.height;

 // image cover
 this.imageAspect = this.slides[0].image.height / this.slides[0].image.width;
 let a1;
 let a2;
 const dist =;
 const height = 1; = 2 * (180 / Math.PI) * Math.atan(height / (2 * dist));

 if (this.height / this.width > this.imageAspect) {
   // this.plane.scale.y =;
   this.plane.scale.x = this.plane.scale.y / this.imageAspect;
 } else {
   this.plane.scale.x =;
   this.plane.scale.y = this.plane.scale.x * this.imageAspect;

sometimes when i refresh seem like uv coordinates break
here are images

this happens when i refresh sometimes

Um, what do you mean with sometimes? Is it not possible to reliably reproduce the issue?

its happen when i refresh page or initially load it

Seems like clause 1 of your last if statement, also, I’ve had it with these darn uvs on this darn plane!

Yea i feel U understand what is my mental state right now). Did u find some good way to resize plane like css background-size: contain?

I found solution it happened when i refresh and move mouse atonce:D …
moving mouse inside texture loader callback fixed issue thank You very much