Evelyn floorplan project - open code

Evelyn floorplan project - open code

Hi Three.js followers,

the link:


It is an alternative floorplan Three.js page.

The way it is presented, You can click in one numbered-ocupied-red box and move/altere with WADS GH and LP keys or inputting values and clicking ‘OK’.

This online page will not save altered data for not accept movements that can obstruct future visits.

The PHP code (very small code) is just needed to save and restore the 3ds.txt file.

You can view the 3ds.txt file to find how the objects are stored in the Evelyn floorplan.

The 3ds.txt file has a number, has a number, position, scale, type of object, reference file, and obs. X before the number means that the line is not considered.

Please try a click in the 2, 3 or 4 numbered-ocupied-red boxes and move the vase flowers.

Please try the numbered-ocupied-red number 41 and choose a new image…

In the real application I can use box 0 to start some wall, move it, change it, and then save it to a new numbered position. Then passed from green to red.

The page uses the Three.js 150 and the files used (images, meshes, etc.) are stored in the ‘repo’ path.

The 3ds.txt file is in the path of evelin…php page.

PS: Helicopter is from City Hall People to see if the floorplan can be approved!!!

Again, Thanks for the great Three.js Team!

Jose Roberto Lazzareschi

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It works as described. I managed to move all objects away from the floor and to change the images of textures. Unfortunately, I was not able to add new objects, for example, object №276.

You might have spent a lot of efforts making this project. If you want some advice for improvement, here are the two things that users might like:

  • selecting, moving and rotating object by mouse (not instead of keyboard control, but in addition to it)
  • some visual indication of objects for all the numbers – like thumbnails, or searching by name (for example, if I start with an empty floor, how would I add a toilet seat if I do not know its number?)

Thank You Pavel for the attention.
I closed the possibility of new objects for no damage in 3ds.txt.
I will try to enhance the objects movements and the indications.
For a new object, when save is enable, You start with the ‘O’ (zero) object and then copy it to another home place. And You can copy existing objects to another number places too.
Thank You once again… :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: I prefer add a new line in 3ds.txt file directly, and then change something in the screen.

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