Environment reflection in gltf model

hi… how can i get environment reflection in my gltf model. First picture is from my script file. Second picture is from this website https://gltf-viewer.donmccurdy.com/

here is my code, what am i missing in here??
Do i need to include rgbeloader for this??

var path = './model/canary/';
	var format = '.png';
	var urls = [
				path + 'pos-x' + format,
				path + 'neg-x' + format,
				path + 'pos-y' + format, 
				path + 'neg-y' + format,
				path + 'pos-z' + format,
				path + 'neg-z' + format
	var reflectionCube = new THREE.CubeTextureLoader().load( urls );
	var refractionCube = new THREE.CubeTextureLoader().load( urls );
	refractionCube.mapping = THREE.CubeRefractionMapping;
	scene.background = texture
	const loader = new THREE.GLTFLoader();
	loader.load( './model/goggles.glb', function (glassesFramesGeometry){
		var model = glassesFramesGeometry.scene;
		model.traverse ( ( o ) => {
			if ( o.isMesh ) {
			//o.material.map = refractionCube;
			o.material.metalness = 1;
			o.material.roughness = 1;
		} );
		threeGlasses.scale.set( 0.08, 0.08, 0.08);
		threeGlasses.rotation.x = 70*Math.PI/180;

I suggest you use the same code like in this example: https://threejs.org/examples/webgl_loader_gltf

For proper output, it’s important to use a HDR environment map in combination with PMREMGenerator. You also want to configure proper output encoding and tone mapping. Besides, assigning the env map to Scene.background only produces the skybox. You have to assign it to Scene.environment.

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I’m sorry, but this is not helpful. At all. It does not explain how to do what is asked. It is dismissive.

@Hikiki_Me — in @Mugen87’s reply he points out what is missing from the original code: you must assign the texture to scene.environment and not just scene.background. He also links to a complete code example showing exactly how to set up the environment map with a glTF model. The response is brief, but neither dismissive nor unhelpful, in my opinion.

If you are looking for a more specific answer, you may need to start a new thread with a more specific question. Most of us are volunteering our free time in these forums, and calling others’ responses “useless” does not increase the odds of volunteers providing you with free support. Please be respectful in accordance with the code of conduct.


OK, I apologize. Thank you.