Eliptical path for camera movement

I’m trying to do a camera movement from point A to point B in a 3D scene, so far so good, it’s working, but the problem is, it’s always taking a straight path from A to B, and sometimes they are in opposite sides of the same axis, the camera is supposed to be looking at the center of the plane where there is a 3d object being inspected, I want my camera to go from the front of the object to the back of it without going through it, but instead making an elliptical path around the object. Also worth mentioning that the points A and B are kind of random, meaning they need to be dynamic and are not always at the same distance from the center
I know this is not very technical but more like a math calculation that I’m not able to make. Any help is very welcomed and thanked.

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I would assume that you are OK if the path is not strictly elliptical (i.e. part of an ellipse). It is possible to use some cubic Bezier curve to shape the trajectory in an oval form. If this is for camera motion, the viewer will not distinguish pure elliptical from almost elliptical motion.

Click on the image to view it online (the red circle moves between the two blue circles):


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See from the Collection of examples from discourse.threejs.org

More to camera:


This works very well with what I want to achieve, thank you very much!!

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