EdTech Product Help in Drone Space


We are looking for a dev to help with a drone simulator that will be built on three js. Our app, DroneBlocks, is currently compatible with several different drones but we’d like to introduce a web-based software simulation. I am an experienced dev and would like someone that can not only code, but help me understand the ins and outs of three. I’ve put together a small proof of concept and know that it’s feasible, but would like to work with you to learn as much as I can. One of our drone canvases is here:


The goal would be for our students to use block code to create missions for the simulated drone.

Remote work is completely fine although it would be nice to have someone close to a US time zone. Exceptions can certainly be made. This would be a contract job. Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.



i can surely help, lets talk more on this on skype - live:charles_10661 you can also reach me on charles.c@talentsfromindia.com
charles L

Three js dev, with years of experience.
In the US timezone.
Feel free to contact me.

Ha, I used to work with blockly + three.js programmable car thing some years ago, but I dont actualy remember anything. Except that the generated code turned out to be useless for the purposes of controlling the car, and we had to use their interpreter example instead.

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