Editor - redundant model on export

Good evening everyone, I found an interesting bug until I understand how it arises, the editor of version 133, when exporting, excessively increases the size of the object and takes too long to load.

There is no such problem on version 132.

Model: https://wstgame.online/scene.zip

I found the reason, when exporting, the system for some reason converted the textures from [ jpeg ] format to [ png ], thereby increasing the data size many times over.

We urgently need to fix it, I tested it, the system will be replaced with png format everywhere.

Starting with r133 three.js is not using RGB textures anymore. Meaning even when loading a JPG, you get a RGBA texture.

The reasons for this is because certain platforms do not support RGB and have to emulate RGBA in software. Besides, it’s only possible to proper support native sRGB workflows with RGBA.

Do you mind showcasing how the file size increases compared to JPG?

I showed it in the video here this second

There it turns out
scene - 32 MB
scene (1) - 142 MB

In total, the size has grown by 100 megabytes, which is a lot.

I propose to make some kind of alternative, I checked 10 of my models on several of them, the file size during export also increased significantly.

The problem is that the editor supports textures only partially.

Instead of embedding texture data as Base64 into JSON, it would be better to retain the image files and save them “somewhere”. However, since the editor has no cloud backend features, there is no other way right now to use the current approach (although we know that it scales badly see Could we get Editor example with shaders/texture? · Issue #10800 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub).

Okay, I’ll stay on version 132 for now, I hope this link will live a long time