EDITOR 118 FBX IMPORT - Incorrect animation time

Good afternoon, the crux of the problem is that animation in the FBX model works with a delay, unlike GLB. It’s not clear where this problem comes from, since we got GLB by converting FBX to GLB.

Link for model: http://wstgame.online/HEROWOMEN.zip

Second bug with animation on FBX object

JENYATEST.zip (2.6 MB)

Very interesting after convertion this FBX to GLTF animation work correctly.

I am use this convertor

There seems to be a potential issue in FBXLoader since the duration of the parsed animation clips look odd.

It seems JENYATEST.zip contains the glTF but not the FBX asset.

BTW: You might also want to use FBX2glTF for the conversion.

Possibly related to this issue:

Also this one:

Sorry its my mistake

link fro FBX http://wstgame.online/JENYATEST.zip