Editable notes in threejs

Hi. I have create a editable div element like a box in normal html body. But I need to create the same in this three js canvas also. is it possible? I have attached the example I did in normal html. Is it possible in threejs?https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/standard17/uploads/threejs/original/2X/e/e26bf3ca843401ca58e428b2cf9f7c1385cb4f84.webm

Please help me

Overlaying HTML elements over a WebGL scene can be done with CSS2DRenderer or CSS3DRenderer. There are multiple CSS examples that demonstrate their usage:


Sorry for this generic answer but unfortunately your question is quite broad. In any event, there are several tutorials and guides which explain in general how to combine HTML elements with WebGL. Maybe they will provide more insight in this topic for you.