Dynamically Updating the cameras view distance

I am using a perspective camera in my scene.

The scene contains a number of objects that all start around 0,0,0 but at some point can be moved anywhere and in any direction.

My cameras great to start with, or if looking at small objects, however if I move the objects far enough or, use huge objects, I soon get clipping which I believe is due to the cameras far distance (I assume it doesn’t draw past that)

My instinct is that just setting it absolutely massive to start with wouldn’t be best practice and affect performance, so my question…

Keeping in mind the objects positions can change through a verity of functions, what would be the recommended approach to set the cameras view distance when the scene can change dynamically?

I believe the camera near and far viewing frustum doesn’t effect performance in itself. Rather, it is just the number of objects drawn.

If your far viewing frustum is quite close, then this could result in less objects being drawn, increasing performance. But if like you say you want everything in your scene to be rendered anyway, changing the camera frustum to be very large won’t decrease performance.